M Design
We love Photovoltaics!

M Design are in the middle of a huge number of PV Surveys encompassing the structural and solar surveys for our client; a local authority with big plans for PV installation this year.

Building on their 20 years of structural engineering experience, staff have also undertaken the PV Specifiers Course run by NAREC in Blyth; ensuring they are the perfect people to help you with any PV installation.

The buildings currently being surveyed include school, fire stations, libraries, nurseries, sports centres, swimming pools and sure start centres. Generally they are all on three phase electric supplies enabling quite large systems to be installed.

The hurry to install is being driven by the reduction in the fee in tariffs which will kick in at the end of this financial year.

Now really is the time to install your own system and the team at M Design are ready to help. Contact them at www.mdesign.uk.com or on 01661 854444